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You know, all of the labor you put in your online business exhibits on your website. So, it is necessary to customize your website as it is the backbone of your online business.

Before you go through our custom web development services, let us make you get acknowledged about the necessity of these.

Why Custom Web Development services Is Important For Your Online Business?

Appearance makes the first impression. This fact is applied to the online business also. It takes only 0.05 seconds for your customer to judge your work through your website and set the image about your brand in his mind.

Your website is the first step that a customer takes towards your online business. Let’s see this matter under the light of a report which was delivered by an e-commerce foundation. It states that 88 percent of buyers go through the website before purchasing a product from the brand.

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Custom Web Design Services

Without any custom website design, your website will look like a mess which will frustrate your customers directly reducing your sales. Our Custom Web Development Services offer such custom website designs which will make your website load smoothly without waiting for long.

People do not understand the importance of custom website design unless they bear a huge loss in their online business due to its absence. But we do not want our customers to go in a loss due to any misunderstanding so we go through some research to show you these statistics.

  • 62 percent of the well-running online companies declared that they got their sales ratio increased by making their websites viewed properly on mobile phones.
  • 90 percent of the consumers leave the website after 3 seconds of viewing due to its trashy design.
  • 48 percent of online shoppers judge the credibility of an online business by the design of the website.
  • 90 percent of buyers trust the e-commerce business that brings forth a positive user experience.
  • 94 percent of the customer’s first impressions are made by the customization of the website.
  • 40 percent of consumers leave the website due to the delay of the load time of three seconds.
custom website design

A custom website design can treat all of the above points right and make your online business run efficiently. Get Your Website A Unique Custom Website Design From Us That Will Make It Unlike All Other Ordinary Websites In This Overflooded Market!

In this span of e-commerce, every business needs to have an online store. Infest Agency will make your brand superior to others by its custom web development services because we ensure to provide you with numerous custom website designs to survey.

Which Custom Web Development Services Are We Offering

E-Commerce Web Design

The websites we make contain high-resolution pictures, attractive product descriptions, simplified navigations, and distinctive selling points. The pricing of our customized websites is pocket-friendly and matches your budget.

Business Websites

The websites we build for your business contain high-resolution pictures, attractive designs, simplified navigations, and a distinctive portfolio. The pricing of our customized websites is pocket-friendly and matches your budget.

Use Of WordPress

Our team comprises WordPress specialists. They make your website look brilliant in every way so that no issues are faced by you in the future and you can easily manage your website in the future by easy CMS.

Affiliation With CMS

Our team adds the plugins and innovative techniques for language to your website so that you can manage multilingual sites with the help of your CMS easily.

Logo Designing

Get your brand logo designed by us as our graphic designers have the latest and trendy ideas for logo designing that surely match your brand.

Integration With CRO

We drive first-rate traffic to your website by taking CRO into our use. The registration and checkouts of your website also get simplified.

Why Choose Our Custom Web Development Services?

Get a Well-Customized and Leading Website that hints your Audience towards your brand Values, offerings, And dealings.

Infest Agency is here to work with you and fulfill every desire you are having to design your website. By working with us you will get the following advantages.


Responsive Design Of Website

Get your website a responsive design by us so that its features could get maximized and it can run well on every device.


Development Of Website

Our custom web development services take in both back-end developers and front-end engineers who can give your website distinctive features to stand out from the competition.


Professional Team

We make your work with our expert web designers who will solve every complication of your website. Our back-end web developer and front-end engineer will never let your website lack any of its features that may cause you difficulty in the future.


Smooth Performance

Our back-end developer and front-end engineer minimize HTTP requests and use a cookie-free domain to reduce the load time of the website.



Get your website to be ready for future use. Our custom web development services allow the website to update for future necessities also.



With all of our services and features, we provide their security too.


Custom-Made Package

Our customized package of custom web development services includes all of the features you think are necessary for your website.


Money-Back Policy

We offer design consultations to our customers for free because we want to support the ideas of our customers. The money would be returned to them if they do not agree with any of our designs.


Expert Process Of Our Custom Web Development

All Of Your Business Needs Will Get Fulfilled Under One Package Of Our Custom Web Development Services!

Now, we will let you walk through the steps our team has taken for custom web development.

  • Before initiating the building of the website, our team inquires the customer about his ideas and goals of marketing and his budget.
  • For strategy development, we gather all of the data from the starting point, make a proposal, and ask your project manager for the agreement.
  • Then we develop your site which includes on-site SEO and content making. Our back-end developer and front-end engineer work on the features of your website.
  • After completing all of the above steps we start working on custom platforms like php, laravel or node.js and  finally, launch your website on a live server.

Nowadays, custom web development is an important aspect of your online business. Do not ignore it just for the sake of saving some money. Come to us and let us provide you every benefit from our services.

We promise to never return you empty-handed!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

We provide you the username and password of your website so that you may get to your website any time you want to. We keep everything clear to you, so if you want, you may instruct us to make any changes to your website.

Our team is skillful enough that we do not need to outsource our work. Everything is our own creation.

Yes of course! We are offering marketing services for that purpose too. As our main target is to make you successful in online business so we are always there to assist you in overcoming any complication in this matter.

Do not worry! We will work with you until you do not get satisfied with our design. We will think of another design by taking your opinions into our consideration.

You may have as many pages as you want for your website which is better for SEO as well. There is no limit to it.

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