Product Description Writing Services

SEO Optimized Product Descriptions For More Traffic

The good product description writing can increase sales. You need a professional product description writer for your products to ensure that your business won’t be going in the loss. 

We at Infest Agency provide product description writing services that are persuasive enough to have your visitors’ conversions into customers. 

Our skilled writers will make your audience line up at your door to have your products. We give priority to our client’s profit.

Product Description Writing Services

Our writer aid the buyers know the product or the services you offer. It is an essential part of selling the product online.

Descriptions tell the audience about the importance and benefits of the product in their lives. The Writer writes the product descriptions that engage, persuade, and sell the product.

Product Description Writing Services



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Our Creative Writing Process

Elaborate Customer’s Persona

The first thing our writer does is knowing what is in our customer’s mind regarding this product description project. Then capture that image and start description writing up to his expectations.


Forming a list of features & Benefits

The visitors don’t want to know what the product. They want to know how it is productive for them. Why is it a necessity in life? What relief would it provide? Our writers focus on all these questions. 

To make product descriptions more engaging by listing all features and covert those features into benefits.



Our writers write in a tone that makes our client’s product description different from his other competitors. Usage of tone that is approachable, friendly, and focused on visitor’s benefits. It helps to persuade the reader.


Readable Format

The product description writing should be smooth, easy to understand, and to the point. It will help your visitor in developing interest. All these things are given importance in our Product description writing services.

Our writers include different techniques like bullet points, headlines, highlighting factors, and various colors to engage customers.


First Draft & Edit

After planning and formatting everything that ought to write in the descriptions, our team starts writing the first draft. 

It includes objectives, features, and thinking of the targeted audience, making our client’s project perfect in every way through our product description writing services.

Why Choose us


Avoid misapprehensions

We neglect misapprehension and don’t write what is not requested. Over usage of words and exaggeration is not what our writers are passionate about. Our team doesn’t waste time in writing what we interpreted.

First, we ensure our client needs in the product description, tone, and style. We even focus on the minor details in our product description writing services.


Always on-time service

Our product description writers make sure that the project is delivered beforehand. So that if a customer wants some changes, the project is on time. 

Infest Agency only wants customers to be delighted and convinced with the services and provide us feedback.


24/7 Support

Infest Agency offers customer support throughout the day in product description writing services. We are a trusted and eminent agency that assures that our clients are satisfied and comfortable with our services.

 If the customer has any query or wants to make amendments, they can contact us anytime.


Unique & Creative writing

Uniqueness and creativeness are what make the product description more persuasive. Our professional writers provide product description writing services that are engaging, valuable, and appeals to visitors. 

It helps in the conversion of visitors into customers having profit of clients.


SEO optimized

Product descriptions without SEO optimization are of no use. Infest Agency offers SEO- friendly product descriptions that help customers in site ranking on SERPs and increase traffic on the website.

 Our writers will aid you and your business reach the next level.


Range of diversity

If the product description writing is nothing but just a wall of text, it won’t do anything for you. Our writers provide the product descriptions in a very appealing way that persuades readers to read more. 

They use techniques, product specifications, bullet points, client’s commands, short or long length product descriptions. 


Yes absolutely! Our SEO tea at Infest Agency can manage keyword research for your product description. You can contact the SEO team ASAP. Using the right keywords for product descriptions is very necessary. Keywords aim to help SERPs acknowledge what’s written on your website pages and then rank the site accordingly. It aid the net search engines know what you’re selling.

Yes, we offer revisions. We provide unlimited revisions free of cost. We want our customers to feel contented and pleased with our product description writing services. So, we offer revisions with no hidden cost.

Unique and creative product description writing attracts the customers to buy the product by telling them about its necessity in their life and presenting it in a praising manner. Product descriptions written by trained writers make your product look authentic and reliable. 

The ideal length of the product description ranges from 100-450 words. It also depends on the specifications of the product you’re selling. If your product needs more detailing, the limit to write a description is 600 words.

Research work, writing, rereading, formatting, editing, revision, conversations, and conferences between the client and the team are the main qualities that decide the rate. The creativeness in the product description writing services somehow contributes to the charges.

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